Why Holiday Parties Are Important to Employee Happiness

Autumn is fast approaching—and, around that bend lies winter and holiday celebrations. Have you planned your corporate holiday party yet? Is your executive team always on the fence on whether it is even “worth” having a holiday party? The good news is a recent study shows there is a tangible business benefit to hosting a holiday party.

Here’s Why a Holiday Party Matters

At the heart of every company are the workers. The tried-and-true employees who keep the business afloat day in and day out. A recent study by TINYPulse suggests there’s incredible value in letting employees know they are appreciated. Signs of appreciation boost employee retention, elevate the team spirit of the workplace, and even increase how much peers like each other.

A holiday party is a sign of appreciation that can lead to further opportunities to show even more appreciation. The study notes that while monetary and “cool” perks like a foosball table in the breakroom are quite nice, these perks might be for naught if employees are not also given an initial “thank you.”

A Holiday Party Can Help Turn These Statistics Around

In the TINYPulse 2014 Employee Engagement & Organizational Culture Report, which collected over 200,000 anonymous employee responses from more than 500 organizations, only 21% of employees responded feeling strongly valued at work.

It was confirmed that recognition has a substantial impact on an employee’s intrinsic happiness.

Source: TINYPulse - The Effects of Employee Recognition and Appreciation

With such weight being placed on employee happiness, here’s why a holiday party can lift morale:

  • Positive interactions with peers and managers have very strong impacts on employee retention
  • Employees enjoy working for managers who show appreciation
  • A majority of workers (55% according to Globoforce) would leave their job for a company that recognized their efforts
  • Positivity breeds positivity: a fun holiday party reinforces the positive behaviors you want to encourage within the organization
  • Building peer-to-peer relationships at holiday parties helps to foster feelings of appreciation among coworkers, which ultimately helps fuse a positive workplace culture

So, now, it is not only time to plan your upcoming holiday celebration, there’s sound logic to back its validity. A holiday party will strengthen the bond employees feel with each other, managers, and the organization.

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