4 Tips for Hosting a Green Event in NYC

1) Send Not-Quite-Digital Invites

In a world where digital and e-mail invites are becoming the norm, sending paper invites at all may seem like an antiquated and wasteful practice. However, for an important family event like a wedding or Bar Mitzvah, paper invites are a must.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to keep invitations green is to limit the amount of paper that you use. Rather than shoving 3 pages into an envelope, reduce your invite down to one page of essential material and then offer a link to a custom URL that contains all the secondary info; everything from gift registry information to directions and digital RSVPs. If digital design isn’t your strong suit, there are dozens of online tools that will provide you with everything you need to get your guests informed.

2) Host in an Eco Friendly Location

Destination weddings and family events can be a charming getaway and a break from reality, but they certainly are not green. Weather you’re hosting your event just outside the city or in a remote location hundreds or even thousands of miles away, the travel will not only be costly for your guests, but will also be harmful to the environment.

By hosting your event in the city, in a venue that is easily accessible by public transportation (or even Citi Bike), you will save your guests time, money and do a little bit extra to serve mother nature.

3) Create a Sustainable Menu

According to the Worldwatch Institute, there are several factors that determine how “green” a menu will be. These factors include:

·      Distance: How far food is shipped from the source to the venue.

·      Farming Method: All natural fertilizers and pesticides are generally “greener”.

·      Animal Products: Dairy and red meat produce the most waste.

·      Portion Control: How much food are you offering to each guest, and in what form? A large wedding cake, for example, tends to create more wasted food than single serving dessert plates.

At 583 Park Avenue, our head chef Arvin Dhansew creates custom menus for each event using locally sourced, fresh and in-season ingredients. He will work with you to create the perfect menu for your event no matter what your priorities or dietary restrictions may be.

4) Simplify Your Theme

Over the top decorations, flowers and lighting can be great, but scaling your theme back even just a bit can make a hugely positive environmental impact. Eliminating disposable decorations and dishware in favor of reusable items will instantly make your event a bit greener, and may even add a feeling of class that is impossible with disposable goods.

The best way to have an extravagant event without all of the extra decorations is to host the party at a venue that is itself an interesting landmark. Both 583 Park Avenue and Midtown event space Guastavino’s are classic New York landmarks that boast architecture that will impress your guests without any extra decorations needed.

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