5 Details That Will Make or Break Your Corporate Event

An over-the-top corporate event in New York City can be make or break for any business. Attention to detail is a must. Are you planning your first conference, meeting, product launch or corporate event in New York? Here are the 5 Details That Will Make or Break Your Corporate Event in NYC:

1) Spacing


Even the most spacious event venue can begin to feel claustrophobic when filled with 700 or more eager guests. When it comes to keeping your guests comfortable, allowing them to freely move through your space without feeling cramped is of the utmost importance.


Whether your guests are set up at dining tables, conference tables or in theater style seating, make sure that your venue and setup allows your guests to have easy access to food and drinks at all times. An event can go on without snacks and alcoholic beverages, but refreshments will lead to happier guests.


2) Timing


Many of your guests will be coming from, or on their way to other corporate events and meetings. Don’t waste their time! If guests are concerned about being late or missing an appointment, your corporate event will never receive their full attention.


Make sure that your event runs on schedule. Every segment should start on time and be timed out perfectly in advance to ensure that it will not go over time. Additional timing issues to consider:


·      Parking: If it takes your guests too long to park, or if they have to pay to park, they may be in a hurry to get out.

·      Coat check: The coat check should be easy access, right by the front door. Guests should never have to wait to check an item.

·      Seating: Having assigned seating will help attendees to find their seats and get down to business on schedule without unnecessary shuffling.


3) Technology


Before ever booking a venue, no matter how unique or beautiful it may be, make sure that their technology is totally up to date. One audiovisual mishap can ruin a presentation. More than one can ruin an entire event. Save yourself the embarrassment by testing your equipment multiple times in the days leading up to the event, and always bring a backup. Make sure that your venue does the same.


4) Style


This section could also be called décor, but it’s a bit more than that. Your attendees have been to dozens of corporate events in boring, blah hotel conference rooms. These rooms are utilitarian at best and leave much to be desired.


Take your time when choosing a venue for your New York corporate event. A unique venue like 583 Park Avenue or Guastavino’s will go a long way towards how your event is viewed by your guests. Once your venue is picked out, dress it up to fit your brand. A beautiful venue is one thing. A space decorated to connect with your core messaging will take your event to the next level.


5) Service


Clients and guests will often forgive and forget technical difficulties or a minor inconvenience like having to search for parking, but the memory of rude or horrible service will stay with them for months or even years. Even one server acting inappropriately or not doing his or her job will leave a lasting memory with your guests.


At The Rose Group venues, 583 Park Avenue and Guastavino’s, we offer the highest staff to guest ratio in New York City. Our staff is highly trained and always dressed to perfection. When it comes to corporate events you need to leave a positive lasting impression. Never take risks on subpar service. 


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