Creating a VIP Experience at Your New York Nonprofit Event

The key to a successful New York fundraiser is to provide your guests with an experience that they will never forget. Are you ready to go above and beyond to impress your VIP guests and top donors?

Read 583 Park Avenue’s Guide to Creating a VIP Experience at Your New York Nonprofit Event.

Use Donors’ Time Wisely

Whether your donor is a busy executive or a full-time philanthropist, time is of the essence; No one likes to wait. When creating a VIP experience efficiency is a must. Every transition must be quick and seamless.

For example, finding parking for a nonprofit event on the Upper East Side can be difficult. Providing valet service will save your guests the time and frustration of looking for a parking spot. Better yet, you could hire a car service to drive them directly to your event and bring them home at the end of the evening.

583 Park Avenue offers the top staff-to-guest ratio on the Upper East Side ensuring that from the moment they arrive your VIP guests will never have to wait for a single moment. Remember, the goal is to have them thinking about your organization, not about how long they’ve been waiting for a drink.

Personalize The Donor Experience

While it may be impossible to personalize an event for every single guest, if you have a few top donors that could make a huge impact on your fundraising it’s certainly worth your time to find out what would really make their night special:

·      Does your top donor have a favorite food? Do your best to have it on hand, even if that means ordering it from a vendor who isn’t your hired caterer.

·      Is your donor a big New York sports fan? Is it possible to arrange an experience or            appearance by a favorite player?

·      What about a favorite song or musical act?

Most importantly, make sure that every donor receives a handwritten thank you note following the event. A little extra effort to personalize their experience will go a long way.

Give VIP Guests a Moment to Shine

Many event planning experts recommend a roped off “VIP” area for donors and guests who are truly VIPs. While this is a good idea for celebrity guests who may not want to be overly friendly with fans in attendance, in general we do not recommend setting up a special VIP section. You want guests to donate because they believe in your cause and feel a strong connection to the community, not because they’re envious of a velvet rope.

Rather than hiding your guest of honor, let them mingle amongst the crowd. Then, when the time is right, briefly focus the crowd’s attention on your VIP’s achievements and generosity. It doesn’t have to be much. It only takes a few words to say thank you and let everyone know what a donor’s efforts have meant to the organization.

When in Doubt, Go Above and Beyond

This is what Disney Word calls “plussing”. When it comes to your VIP guests, think of the best possible experience they could have and then take the extra step to make it even better. A small add on can make a huge difference

While many nonprofits are faced with strict budget restrictions, there is always more that can be done to make donors feel special. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just personal and from the heart. Be creative and you will be able give each of your donors a night and an experience that they will never forget.

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